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    EBKE V1 Basket


    Turn your EBKE V1 into the e-bike for your groceries with this metal shopping basket. Easy to assemble, lightweight and in black color.

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    EBKE V1 Children Seat


    The EBKE children seat is placed between the handlebars and the saddle. In addition, two footrests are mounted on which the passenger’s feet can rest safely. The maximum carrying weight is 35 kg.

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    This EBKE is in the standard color black and is of course equipped with good lighting and a very powerful engine. The V1 has a 250W motor and a 10.4 Ah lithium battery. The e-bike will take you to all your (business) appointments and (traveling) destinations with ease – and that at maximum 25 km/h.

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    The EBKE V12 Max has the most rugged and robust appearance. Thanks to its wide tires you can ride this fat bike anywhere and all year round, from distances on the regular road to drifting off the paved paths at a speed of maximum 40 km/h.

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  • V2


    The new EBKE V2 is a 20 inch e-bike available in blue and white color. The removable battery is integrated as a saddle pen. This bike is completely foldable and has a weight of 19 kg.

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    For the person who is looking for high quality, performance and a unique product we are offering the model V20. The combination of 750W motor and suspension guarantee both speed and comfort.

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